Dubai has become one of the best culinary destinations on the planet. From drinking in the clouds, to dining in depths of the sea, one experiences everything the mind can imagine and the palette crave. But even in this there stands out one, the winner of the best restaurant in Dubai 2017-2018 honored by Chef’s Choice, Espana. New, exciting set in a decor that is pulsating and vibrant. Music flows from multi canal systems and resident DJs capture the spirit of Dubai up, up, always upward.

Tortilla Espanol

We at España make it the way your Grandma would if she were a great chef, by slow cooking potato andcaramelized onion in finest olive oil which produces sweet and soft center when the eggs are gently stirred in. It looks like a cake and has a deliciousness beyond compare. It is one of the tasty snacks you will find divine.


A small breadcrumbed snack containing anything from mashed potatoes, ground meat, cheese, mushrooms andmixed with bechamel and a secret combination of egg, spices and herbs shaped into an oval then deep-fried. Itsname comes from croquer “to crunch”. An exquisite delicacy which raises simple food to the sublime. We have special and several versions. See which one you like for from the first crunch to the silky smoothness every bite is perfection.


What pizza is to Italy, Paella is to Spain. It has ancient roots, but in it's modern form originated in the mid 19 century around the Albufera Lagoon on the east Coast of Spain, adjacent to the city of Valencia. It is one of the identifying symbols of Spain. In this dish lies the history of Spain, no less than two important cultures, the Roman, which gives us the pan utensil and the Arabs who introduced rice to Spain perhaps the most important basic food of humanity for centuries.

It is a dish which is as exquisite as it is versatile. With seafood it is a symphony of the seas in color, flavor and variety. In its vegetarian form it is a bouquet to the fecundity of the earth capturing all its bounty and like a beautiful field full of flowers and visual treat for the eyes.

With respect, love and slowly simmered to perfection we make this national treasure into something unforgettable. Try it and you will see the soul of Spain captured in a pan.

Jamon Iberico

Is a type of cured produced in Spain ham. According to Spain's rules on certified products it can be made from black Iberian pigs or cross bred pigs if there are at least 50% Iberico.

They grow in the central and southwestern region of the Iberian Peninsula. Immediately after weaning, the piglets are fattened on barley and maize for several weeks. The pigs are then allowed to roam in pasture and oak groves to feed naturally on grass, herbs, acorns and roots, until the slaughtering time approaches. At that point the diet may be strictly limited to olives or acorns for the best quality ham.

The hams from the pigs are salted and left to begin drying for two weeks, after which they are rinsed and left to dry for another 4 to 6 weeks. The curing process then take least 12 months, although some producers cure their hams for up to 48 months.